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Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance


Shakti Temple Dance offers weekly classes, introduction workshops, multiple day intensives and private lessons in Odissi Temple Dance. Classes and workshops teach the foundational stepping practice of Odissi dance, as well as mudras, foot positions, postures, theory and history. Choreography is available in longer intensives and private lessons.

Odissi dance is a powerful way to build strength, balance, coordination, memory, and devotion through the embodiment of beauty. It is a deep path to exploring our own Divinity through the embodiment of Hindu Deities, expression of Bhava (emotion) through dance, and dedication of practice to Lord Jugannath (and essentially the Divine beyond form). It is a profound radiance practice with deep roots in tradition, Temple life, and way of being many of our souls long for, and even remember on a cellular level. 


Temple Fusion Belly Dance


Shakti Temple Dance offers classes, workshops, intensives and private lessons in Temple Fusion Belly Dance. Beginning each session with a prayer and a ritual Pranam (invocation to begin dance), we seed our practice with intention and prayer from our hearts. We then move into our deepest embodiment through warm-ups, crystallize our body/mind connection through drills and technique, create beauty in motion through combos and choreography, tone our bodies through strength training and flexibility, and end honoring ourselves and our practice with a closing Pranam. Each class is a delicious experience of harnessing the grace and beauty of our embodiment, while building strength, discipline and new pathways of movement. Bringing prayer and devotion into a disciplined and technical practice, Temple Fusion Belly Dance is a powerful way to both harness and express our Divine Shakti!

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Path of the mystica

Women's Sacred Dance and Temple Arts Retreat

June 16th-25th 2018

Oneirema Retreat Center, Crete, Greece


Enter in Beloved,

Take your seat in the circle of devotion,

Allow the flame of your heart to ignite,

  Throw your whole self in to this love divine!

Remember the sweetness of your essence,

And offer it onto the altar

Of the One who dances through you.

Become both the lover and the Beloved

Of this one precious life.

Immerse yourself in the temple arts of the feminine for 10 days

Join Halo Seronko of Shakti Temple Arts and Schirin Chams-Diba of  Essence of the Feminine for a journey into the heart of what it is to be Mystica. Through the devotional arts of the Sacred Feminine we connect with the divinity within and without, with a circle of sisterhood and the power and beauty of nature. In this retreat we will be exploring the arts of:



Mystical Persian Dance

Persian Dance is the embodiment of delicacy, elegance, grace, beauty, poetry, art and spirituality. Rooted in Persian aesthetics, the dance form with its curvature, steps, hand gestures, facial expressions, mood and subtleness resembles the intricacy of miniature art and calligraphy. Throughout the class, we will explore Classical and Contemporary Persian Dance technique, 6/8 musicality (as well as more rhythmic occurrences in Persian music) and Persian culture. We will draw inspiration from some of the greatest Persian Sufi poets such as Hafiz and Rumi and explore Sufi inspired ecstatic whirling techniques, thus allowing ourselves to be intoxicated by Divine Love just as the great Mystics intended for us.

Sufi Mysticism


Let us be inspired by the great Sufi mystics Rumi and Hafiz to go on a journey towards the Beloved by letting their poetry ‘intoxicate’ us with Divine Love.  

By incorporating elements of focused breath-work, prayers, various turning practices, ritualized movement, and intentions, we will create personally meaningful and interpretative dances. In the Sufi Dervish whirling tradition, Sema (listening with the heart) opens up a channel in us through which we receive the blessings of the Heavens, guide them through our Hearts and offer them out the Earth.




Mystical Belly Dance

Belly Dance is considered one of the most ancient known dance forms, its roots planted in the Near East/Mediterranean. Initially a reverential dance to the Great Mother Goddess, this dance served as an intimate ritual dance during feminine rites of passage such as birth, moon flow, marriage, motherhood and menopause. Women strengthened their bonds and healed through dancing, drumming, singing and praying together.

In a re-creation of such a circle of dance, we move in our own lunar rhythms and connect with our naturally arising womb wisdom. We apply the sacred symbology of undulations, waves, spirals, circles infinity loops and shimmies, linking in with the beginning point: the 'bindu'- navel of the universe. We conjur up and harmonize energies of earth, air, fire and water in our own beings. Our Higher Selves serve as our *Guiding Stars*. 

Odissi Temple Dance


Odissi is a Classical Indian Dance form with roots in the Jugannath and Krishna Temples of Orissa, India. Odissi is a dance of grace, beauty, power and most importantly, devotion. It is yogic in origin, with it's postures and mudras opening the bodies energetic pathways; and subtle movements activating the primary energy centers, or chakras. Odissi is an exquisitely postural dance form, which harmonizes masculine and feminine energies in the body through the strong footwork softened by flowing torso, wrist and eye movements. It is a dance of expression, where the dancer literally embodies different archetypal energies through Bhava, or emotion. Odissi, in it's highest expression, is a Bhakti (devotional) yoga with the goal to lead us into the light of Moksha (liberation) through our seamless merging with the Divine.



Tantra Yoga and Ritual

Weaving the threads of meditation, asana, pranayama, puja, and ritual we deepen into Tantric theory getting to know intimately the forces of nature and consciousness that are the essence of existence. Through the languages of mudra, mantra and yantra we come to know the ultimate union, the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within the Temple of our very own bodies. Tantra Yoga is an invitation to remember our own Divinity, to awaken our true nature, and to begin living as embodied Dieties through the temple of the heart, and the way of beauty and mindfulness.



Tantric Dance

The Temple of Shakti resides within the womb of every woman. In this powerful ritual dance we release any concepts of form and structure and dive deeply into the impulse of the womb. Following the serpentine pleasure that arises from this space we begin to move fully informed by this mysterious and powerful energy that resides within in order to heal, to magnetize, to transmit and to expand into our fullest energetic potential as women.